Do babies lose skill of putting themselves back to sleep?

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my son was sleep trained using a modified Ferber method (takingcarababies program). He slept well for several months. He is now 12 months old and may have gone through a ‘regression’ but I’m not sure. He now is breastfed back to sleep every time he wakes up through the night after trying to pat him back to sleep, rock him back to sleep, etc.

Does he need to be sleep trained again? Has he lost the skill of putting himself back to sleep independently following a wake up at night?

what do you suggest as next steps?


  • I’m in the same boat, no idea what to do. My son won’t even nap or go to bed on his own all a sudden.

  • Hey my son went through something similar at 12 months and after about a week he started sleeping better again. The trick (I’ve read) is to try to stick to the same techniques even when they have regressions. So don’t let them sleep in your bed if you never did that before, don’t pick them up right away if they start to cry, etc. usually after 5 min they’ll settle down and go to sleep. If it’s longer than 10 min there’s maybe some teething or just a simple need for a hug.

  • I wish I did stick with the techniques we used when we initially did “sleep training” with him a few months ago. I think we’re too far out now. He only sleeps when he’s at the breast and does so multiple times per night. Luckily I can still put him back into the crib. We might need to sleep train again?