7M/o teething and sleep regression

I am wondering if his night wakings are due to teething so I don’t let him cry it out. He was sleep trained a few months ago and things were good, however IM afraid to sleep Train him again at this point just in case it’s teething pain. So when he wakes up every 2 hours, I breastfed him/soothe him back to sleep. Any recommendations


  • Here to say I’m in a similar boat with my 9 month old, minus feeding. She used to sleep through the night but now wakes up several times needing to be soothed. I think she’s teething so I’m scared to let her cry out too much, but am still letting her try to soothe for a few minutes before going in. Hopefully it’ll pass.

    Is your little one cutting back on daytime intake because of the night feeds? Maybe see if you can get it full feeds during the day so you can soothe him without needing to feed at night?

  • I’m in the exact same boat! And I don’t know what to do …. I’m going to call the pediatrician to see what they recommend. It sucks because during the day I’m so tired and I feel like I’m not giving her quality attention. My poor baby. She’s going through stuff.

  • I just called my pediatrician- they said I could give her Tylenol every 4 hrs so I’ll give her a dose tonight, hopefully that will help all of us sleep better.

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    My LO is 7 months (today) and his 2 bottom front teeth are out. He’s sleeping through the night still but starting to wake up 1 hour early. It’s only started the last couple of days so we’ll need to monitor as he continues to teeth.

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    hello! Mother of almost 7m babe. Sleeps 12-14h, used to be 14, shortening to 12 during these last 3 weeks of teething. Wondering if you’re seeing any bad diaper rashes during teething (he has had one going on 3 weeks!). My ped said it happens, my mom said it’s normal too, but I can’t get this diaper rash to go! If it’s going to happen for every tooth I’m in for a tough winter. My LO has his two little bottom teeth and has a few uppers coming in soon, based on feeling. We did a little Mommy’s Bliss brand gel (homeopathic kind) and it really really helped cutting days for the actual teeth, but even overnight diapers + waking him middle of the night to do diaper changes hasn’t helped this rash. Good thing is the rash doesn’t bother him whatsoever, which is why I’m starting to believe ped/my mom that it’s probably teeth related. Anyway, thanks in advance!

    (tried, no discernible diff: aquaphor, aquaphor advanced, aquaphor baby ointment and aquaphor baby ointment advanced, desitin, desitin advanced, triple paste, weleda (all kinds), browning flour, corn starch

    tried, seemed to help a little: Boudreaux’s buttpaste, Mitosyl)

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    Our almost 8 month old hasn’t gotten a bad rash since his bottom teeth started to come in. Now that his top teeth are coming in, we’ve seen only one but we were able to catch it before it got worse. What helped us was cutting his solids dinner and just bottle fed. We did this to avoid an overnight dirty diaper and the rash went away less than 24 hours.

    We let him take an extra long bath, ensured his but was dry, put on Boudreaux’s buttpaste and put him in his diaper. If you already have some sort of regimen down perhaps more frequent diaper changes and letting LO roam around without a diaper on the play mat? If you do the latter, definitely suggest some sort of absorber (we had some spare pads that the hospital gave us or use dog pads if you have any!).