Baby is almost 4 months and has only roll 1 time, is she developmentally behind?

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My baby is almost 4 months and has only rolled 1 time, is she developmentally behind?

She will be 4 months on the 15th and has only rolled one time belly to back. I’m worried she’s faking behind and am curious what exercises I could do to help encourage her


  • My son didn’t roll until honestly he was 7 months old. I was so worried and lost so much sleep over this. Then one day he just started rolling all on his own. Babies are on different schedules. Is he changing toys between hands? Meaning taking the toy from his right hand to his left for example?

    anyway, please relax. Let him figure out his own body and his own skills on his own time. Your baby knows best! Trust the process. It’s good to be aware…but we tend to be a little “too” aware as milenial moms. Don’t do what I went through. Take it easy and enjoy the process. Just watch him. He will surprise you.

    my brother rolled late and walked at the age of TWO!!! He is currently head of the ICU at UCLA and a neurosurgeon! Lol. So she will be fine my love!

  • My daughter is a little over 4 months and she has also only rolled over once, stomach to back. After talking to our pediatrician and countless articles and blogs my wife has looked at, it sounds like there’s a wide range of time for babies to begin rolling. We did find out that the ultimate exercise babies can get is tummy time! It helps activate all the necessary muscles for babies to begin to roll, sit up, and crawl.

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    My baby would roll stomach to back around 3 months and then he just stopped. Right around 5.5 months he started rolling all over the place! Don’t stress about it.

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    I’ve read so may peered reviewed articles in different languages. In summary, babies start rolling back to belly 3-5 months, latest 6 months. They might learn to roll belly to back later or just skip it at all, and it’s totally normal. Rolling back to belly is more important as they will need to do it for crawling and learning to stand. Otherwise, babies will need to be placed on belly every time that want to crawl or stand up.

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    My little girl is six months, she's only rolled once or twice, and I don't expect her to do it again, she just doesn't like it, but she's developmentally perfect. I think she'll just go straight to crawling. Not all babies roll. Some roll once and never will again.

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    Don’t worry about what the doctors say with timing. That is just on average and all babies are different. Also has to do a lot with personality. My first 2 boys didn’t start rolling until probably 7 months and didn’t crawl until 9ish months. Both started walking a week after their first birthdays. They will all get there at their own speed. Remember that when baby starts talking.. the expectations of where they should be and when drives me crazy. First son started at 2 and never stopped talking, while my second didn’t start talking until 3 and now has caught up and blown past some children his age as well. So seriously try not to worry.