Second baby must haves...

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We are expecting our second little one here soon and not really sure what we will need this round. Obviously we will have the basics, but was there anything you used the second that you didn't even consider for the first?

The babes will be about 2yrs apart. We are hoping to transition the 2-2.5yo to a toddler bed by the time the new baby will move out of bassinet. We can't decide if it will be too early. Any tips for "big kid bed" transitioning would be great.

What are some second baby must haves?!!


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    My son will be 2.5 in a few weeks and he’s been in a toddler bed for a guess weeks. Not sure what I did that I would recommend, but he hasn’t gotten out once! Start talking about it a few days prior to get him amped up! Then talk through the expectations…mine sounded something like…”we’ll do bedtime routine, this and that will be just the same, and then, instead of me picking you up, you’ll crawl right in yourself because you’re a big kid in a big kid bed!” Then went on to tell him even though he can get out, we’d like him to stay In bed until morning. Good luck!!