Tips for the full roll?

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We have an almost 5 month old and he has long mastered the back to front roll, but he's been stuck on the front to back roll for a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any tips for getting over this hump?


  • Karianne
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    My LO started rolling during tummy time especially when he was done with it. Try and make play time all about doing tummy time with lots of toys around for your LO to try and see and want to get.

  • Update: he rolls every which way now! Including on the changing mat which is terrifying 😂 Thank you for the tip @Karianne !

  • EdOne
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    I did leave a comment on the thread about enhancements. A different pattern on the back that can alert you when your baby rolls over is much needed. We ended up getting the Sense-U diaper sensor for it.

  • AFK
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    My son rolls only when we cue him, I.e. cross his leg. Any advise to encourage him to roll to his tummy? He is 7.5 months old. He prefers sir than roll.....