Will we ever see an "XL" sleep band size?

Our 13 month old is 99th percentile for weight and 93rd percentile for height. He has a healthy belly and the large bands barely hold on without us pre-stretching them quite a bit. Sometimes they pop off over night.

The L bands say 3-24 months and up to 30 pounds on them. Can we pleeeease have an XL or an extension piece like airlines have for larger passengers. 🙂


  • Melanie
    Melanie Nanit Team

    @Brian Thanks so much for posting here! I've heard this feedback before - I am reaching out to our product and textile team to see what our plans are in terms of additional sizing for breathing wear. I will post back here when I hear back!

  • We have the same question. Our 18 month is under the weight limit, but her chest is wider and the band won't fit. We love the breathwear and want to keep using.

  • Brian
    Brian Member

    Our guy had his L band pop off a few more times the past week. We considered trying a new band just in case the Velcro was worn out, but when you hold a new L band up to the one that barely fits him there’s no way a new one will get around him now. 😁 Maybe if we hang some bricks from it for a week to stretch it out.