9 month baby sleeping issue!!!!!!!

I have a 9 month old daughter and she never put herself to sleep unless mommy breast fed her or I comfort her holding. We don’t want to rely on the cry it out method but does anyone have any tips that can help us learn how to get her to sleep on her own???

FYI when she is crying she is standing up and she doesn’t want to lay down.


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @Crivera To start, you can try teaching her to get herself down from a standing position by having her pull to stand at a coffee table or sofa and then placing an intriguing object on the ground that she needs to get down for. She will work it out quickly if given enough practice! Have her do that several times each day and then you can be assured that she can do it herself overnight.

    The most important thing she can do is fall asleep by herself at the beginning of the night in the crib. CIO is only one method, there are lots of other ways to gradually have her fall asleep unassisted (although CIO is usually the fastest and easiest on your baby - but maybe not easiest on you!). If you dont want to do CIO, you can try the 'pick up and put down method' where you place her in the crib and then pick her up when she cries to console her and then place her down once again when she is calm. Eventually she will fall asleep in the crib.

    You can also try the 'check and console' method' where you leave her for a set period of time before coming in and soothing her (physically or verbally or both).

    Whatever method you choose, the important thing is to be consistent about the method and follow through!

  • We had to revert to the CIO method. We tried at first some of the other tips but we were unsuccessful. That being said, 2 years in and we still have sleep issues, especially around milestones and other random things. But she puts herself to sleep most of the time uninterrupted. If she wakes from night terrors, she can go back to sleep without us going in. At 2 years old we get about 12 hours. It’s awful to do the CIO method but we started early and for us it wasn’t a fast transition. It is hard sometimes to watch your LO cry so much on the camera and the longer they cry the more aggressive they can get. It took us over two weeks to start seeing an improvement. Are you using a sound machine outside of the nanit?

    another tip I read was to go in and sit down in the room next to the crib and wait til they calmed down and laid back down. This didn’t work for us but maybe for you. Other people just brought the baby to their bed and gave up. Lol. There is not much out there that really works I don’t think. CIO method does help.