Manually adding nap times to keep insights consistent

Mcrose03 Member
edited July 19 in Camera & App

is there a way I can manually put in length/duration of naps that my baby takes at daycare so I can take full advantage of the premium insights? Or have a section of “naps taken outside crib/at daycare/ school” ? It would be nice to see holistically all my baby’s sleep data in one place.



  • @Mcrose03 Great question! Currently, you can only edit the data within the application. There's no way to manually input sleep data the Nanit didn't capture. However, this is very helpful information for our product team - so I am tagging @Tali our Sr. Product Manager here for visibility

  • Hi @NanitMelanie , I'd also like to be able to input naps outside of the crib (contact naps, naps in pack and play, naps at daycare) so that the statistics are accurate. I see that you discussed this in November 2021. Did you colleague @Tali make any progress in this?

  • I would also very much like this feature! It seems like a big oversight, baby doesn't only nap at home. @Tali @NanitMelanie would be great to get an update on this!