Does anyone else's LO belong in a horror movie? πŸ˜‚πŸŽ₯😱

With Halloween around the corner, my husband and I have been joking about the creepy things our 9 mo son does. I scare very easily, so I'm bracing myself for the days of waking up to our son silently standing staring at me next to the bed.

Our 9 mo's two creepiest habits right now are staring directly into the Nanit camera or our local camera (for our sitter) and whispering. There are also times I wake up in the middle of the night and hear him quietly singing over the Nanit app as well 😱

Does anyone else's LO do creepy things? Especially on camera?


  • Yep, same vibes from my daughter. I just checked on her and expected her to be sleeping, but instead she was staring straight into my soul 😱

  • Those glowing Nanit eyes are the worst. I have to leave the sound on and just not look. Lol