how to get LO to fall asleep laying down?

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so.. need advice! I recently just started sleep training 3 nights ago. the first two nights were lots of crying, really tough and I ended up giving up at some point. the thing is my son just sits, and fights sleep. He will fall asleep sitting and jolt awake every time he starts to lay down.. when I lay him down myself he gets super upset and we start the process over again! third night going on right now.. we haven’t had any tears just sitting falling asleep!


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @Savannahmarie101 This is really tough! He will get there though! Ive seen hundreds of babies fall asleep sitting up (or standing up!). You are not asking him to do anything that he's not capable of doing! At this age he can lie down by himself in the crib and he will work out how to do it if given the chance. Give it a few more days, he will work out what to do!

    I know its hard to give him this independence and its heartbreaking because you know what he needs to do and he's just not doing it (just lie down little one!) but he WILL work it out if you give him the opportunity!

    Good luck!