🎃👻Do you already have your baby's costume?

Halloween is just around the corner! What is your little one (or little ones) being for Halloween this year?

Need some inspiration? Check out our suggestions based on your baby's birth month!


  • Our 9 month old little guy will be a baby-sized football while my husband, two dogs and I will be dressed in our favorite football team's jerseys 😊 Of course grandma couldn't resist a dragon costume so he may be moonlighting as that as well 😍 Does anyone else have back-up outfits?

  • @seanmom21 I love when the family pets get involved in the Halloween costumes! And hey, nothing wrong with more than one costume - you've got the entire weekend to celebrate.

  • We are doing a costume theme with our best friends. Star Wars! Our daughter is going to be a baby Ewok 😍 I will be Princess Leia and my husband is a Jedi.

  • @kristen this is absolutely adorable! :)

  • My little guy was born October 5th, & I already had his outfit all set before then! Skeleton undershirt & pumpkin outer layer. 💀🎃

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    @Momma_Em congratulations!! He is adorable! I love his costumes :)

  • We went to a baby shower the other day (his new best friend is due to join us mid December!) & He wore this:

    (It's safe to say I LOVE dressing him up, lol)

  • Just found this thread but we liked out lil monkey butt. And she loved her costume! Even wore the monkey feet to bed. Lol