Feature Request - Turn off notifications when out of the crib

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Hi All,

id like to request a feature that I think there should be all the building blocks to implement - bearing in mind via insights it seems Nanit knows when there is a baby in the crib or not I would like a user selectable option to send notifications based on this.

the use case here is that our room is used with the bassinet/crib, for changing, playing and more. A number of those do not need notifications and are all defined by being in/out of the crib. This would save in some cases hundreds of notifications turning up on our devices (mine, my wife’s, iPhones, iPads, etc) that are completely pointless.

look forward to the feedback



  • Is this not the correct way to submit feature requests? If so please can someone at Nanit advise the recommend path?

    For me this is a significant issue that makes the notification feature almost pointless. It introduces so much noise that I may well prefer to entirely turn it off. In a multiple hundreds of dollars product built on it’s ability to ‘have insights’ into what is happening on the camera that makes me question the entire purchase to be honest.

  • Hi @Liam Thanks so much for sharing this here! I'm tagging @Tali our Sr. Product Manager here for visibility. We always appreciate getting this type of feedback and helps us as we continue to improve our product!

    While you cannot turn off notifications, you can, as you mentioned, turn off the camera when baby is not in the crib.

    Thanks again for sharing this here!

  • Also adding, you can customize your notification settings (motion and sound) so that may be helpful to take a closer look at in the meantime. Here's more information: https://support.nanit.com/hc/en-us/articles/235611028-How-can-I-customize-sound-and-motion-notification-sensitivity-for-my-Nanit-

  • Thanks for both of these options. The tweaking of notifications is useful but for a product like Nanit that’s marketed on much more insightful capabilities I am sure you have the capabilities to do more. I’d be happy to supply further details if needed

  • @Liam Thank you! I will be sure to reach out if our product team needs additional feedback or insight. Appreciate you sharing with us.

  • Hi, I agree with Liam. Nanit already has the capability to detect if the baby is in the crib. The smart thing would be to use this information to turn off noise alarms when the baby is away. Why? The room may be used by other people while the baby is away, and getting notifications for every conversation, vacuuming, etc. just does not make sense. When the baby is away it is likely with the caregivers anyway, so alarms are redundant.

  • Sid
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    I just set up my nanit and the number of false notifications in the middle of the day with no baby in the crib is very disappointing. Motion notifications when a shadow passes by, noise notifications when a motorcycle rides past outside etc. are not filling me with confidence that the premium I spent for this "insightful" product was well spent.

    Manually turning off the camera does work, and I would be happy doing that with one of the less sophisticated alternatives, but I expected better from Nanit.

  • NanitJessica
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    Hi @Sid,

    If you're receiving some false notifications from your Nanit camera especially when your baby is no longer in the crib, you may want to adjust your camera and motion sensitivity, which you can learn more here: Customizing notification settings.

  • Dear Nanit,

    Its a genuine problem when you’re trying to sell a baby monitor as a smart/intelligent product, but you fail to do so, and instead give people advise on how to do workarounds that does not solve the problem.

    you literally have a camera that can track a baby’s sleep, but simple functionality such as disabling notifications when the baby is not there seems impossible for you to implement? Instead you ask your paying customers to lower the sensitivity or turn off the camera (manually)..

    your product is capable of doing it. It can recognise a baby. It can even recognise when the baby is asleep. So of course, it can sense when the baby is no longer there (your app knows when the baby was picked up). So, it’s literally an easy and free feature to implement, that would make your product better for EVERYONE. Not only the ones who buy all your extra accessories, or have 2 camera or whatever.

    the fact that split screen came before this feature.. or PiP.. to me, it’s just incredibly bad prioritising.

    how many customers has 2 Nanit cameras, compared to customers with 1?

    I literally turned off notifications in the app after a few days because I had SO MANY false notifications during the day.

    also… you can recognise when my son is crying or awake… why do I have to listen to the incredibly bad/noisy sound from the monitor, instead of just when he makes a noise or you recognise that he’s awake? Simple “dumb” baby monitors have had this feature for years..

    i really regret that I bought a Nanit.. it’s definitely an “over promis - under deliver” product.

    the past year or so, every single app update has been something related to your bedsheet or other extra accessory that I would have to buy. But the development of core functionality of the camera itself is embarrassing.

    The fact that you just released a new feature (Split Screen), and what you seem to be focusing on the most is that “Nanit is the ONLY “smart” baby monitor with split screen”.. it’s definitely money over quality in your case.

    it’s a shame.

  • I couldn’t agree more with everyone’s comments. So many useless notifications when baby is out of the crib. How wasn’t this priority zero for this expensive “smart” product? You shouldn’t ask customers to figure out a workaround. Also I would like to easily be able to turn off notifications (a simple on/off on the app home or something) so when I’m trying to get the baby to sleep and put him in and out, he doesn’t wake up with the notification sounds on my phone.