Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



  • +1 on adding this feature immediately.

    Never posted, but logged in specifically to comment on this. @Tali @Melanie @Amir this is hugely important in my decision to continue using your product. While I agree security should be taken seriously and integration be well thought out, the fact that you cant even publish a deadline leads me to believe this isn't as high up on your priority list as we'd like it and you're nowhere close to rolling this out.

    I'd like nothing more than to be wrong, but I'm quickly losing faith in Nanit as a company who values their users as much as the bottom line.

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    Signed up just to voice adamant support for this integration. We just purchased for our newborn, and assumed this feature was included since it seems so basic. Shocked it is not. Strongly weighing returning the product, between this lack of functionality and, even more so, how unresponsive this thread has been. I see a lot of “we hear you” followed by “we have nothing to tell you about the things you say you want.” That’s not the type of support I want for this product — this is something that should make my life easier, not make me wonder if I’m going the wrong direction with a non-responsive company that won’t evolve with basic smart home functionality, either now or in the future.

  • I've been hearing from Nanit it was "in the works" since we first enquired when we purchased nearly 18 months ago. Feels like we've been given the run around to avoid cancelling our order and getting a refund.

    The camera is okay, but the whole platform appears to have completely stagnated. Other than more products you constantly try and ram down our throat in your marketing suggesting we should throw our current camera away for the new Pro (no chance!), we've seen 0 changes in the 18 months we've had it.

    No improvements to the app, no new features and critically, still no support for the Google ecosystem (even though they invested in you so time ago!!!).

    These aren't major developments to introduce a few upgrades to being the app upto what I honestly believe are expected behaviours of an app in your space these days - let alone at the premium end which you market yourselves at:

    Picture in picture support

    It's incredibly painful having to use a phone as the monitor and then being unable to use it for anything else because it's the monitor and can't even keep the audio in the background if you need to minimise to reply to a message.

    Google ecosystem support

    Clearly from this thread you can see there's a lot of loyal customers who are wrapped into the Google ecosystem, myself included. Either provide an API for the community to sort this for you, or confirm its on your roadmap and give an ETA.

  • @amireitan Nanit is quickly losing favor with a lot of people. Does this not concern you?

    I there any real news you share on this front? The app has enough issues, but it seems like this fix would assuage a ton of concerns.

  • +1 to this feature. I was expecting Nanit to have it ...I am looking fwd to it

  • As someone who owns 3 nanit’s. 1 for each kid. We recently added a few google hubs and Im shocked that theres no support whatsoever. Seems pretty simple of an integration. Especially for a $300 baby monitor seems like a no brainer itd be included. Kinda regret spending over $1500 with a company that isnt continually striving to innovate and please their customers. If there are plans to add this feature update your customers as to when. Kids grow pretty fast.

  • +1000. We were gifted this so can't return, and surprised that this isn't supported. I don't really want to buy an iPad just for this.. So I'm stuck using my phone which is not ideal. I'm honestly feeling like the $60 monitor I bought would make more sense at night. Hard to consider a premium subscription without this base functionality. Hoping this makes it into the roadmap. Thanks

  • +1 This should be an obvious priority integration. Let us make this thread the most active one so far... So @Melanie , 3 sprints from now? Say End March?

  • +1. It really seems to me like Nanit is more focused on adding accessories and hardware, than addressing l the “smart” part of its main product. The lack of Google Hub support is one of the issues that makes me doubt if I will buy Nanit again in the future.

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    @Tali @Melanie @Amir @torivry @assafgr

    Literally created an account just to ask this. We have a Google smart home and assumed a $400 baby monitor would integrate with an open source system from a $1.7 trillion dollar company that. I get it, Amazon has nearly 70% market share and Google "only" has 25% but you've had people on this thread offering for months to do this for free and the functionality still doesn't exist. For a B2C company that is a massive failure.

    Meanwhile you charge $125 for $0.50 worth of plastic ( and uses scare tactics over the phone to tell you that absolutely no 3rd party replacement will work.

    I will actively broadcast this lack of functionality and poor customer need prioritization to all my friends expecting babies as they consider monitor options.

    I'd encourage everyone on here to ping Tor Ivry, Andrew Berman, Dr. Assaf Glazer, Sarah McCollum Dorsett, Aaron Pollack, Sean Lee, and Mark Frackt via LinkedIn (politely of course!) to get their team to get their priorities in order and make this happen. Maybe one of them will see and can make this a priority.