Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



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    Nanit parents,

    Let me first introduce myself, my name is Amir Eitan and I’ve recently joined Nanit as a Chief Product Officer. A great deal of my work is to listen to engaged community members like the ones who posted here and adapt Nanit’s offerings to meet the needs.

    While I can’t share the company’s roadmap, for obvious reasons, I want you to be sure that Chromecast support, split screens and all sorts of integrations are coming your way.

    Having said that please note that Nanit will always prioritize safety, privacy and security above all other features and while not apparent to the users often times, these do require a great deal of investment from the team.

    Please continue to share your feedback, Nanit’s product team works closely with Melanie and continuously discussing priorities based on your feedback.



  • @Melanie @Tali adding another request for this in the mix. It's the single reason I do not recommend Nanit to friends and family. You have a near perfect product here and a community that will help you build it.

  • Hopping on to say Im also disappointed this isn’t already an option. Just got a Google nest hub max assuming I could use as a monitor. Extremely disappointed that’s not panning out to be an option.

  • To add on to this issue, I've been using an old iPad with iOS 12 as the Nanit screen. Nanit just sent me the lovely message that iOS 12 will no longer be supported as of Jan 1, 2022. No I officially have no screens to use for my Nanit. So is the solution to purchase a new iPad when I have so many google home screens?

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    Hi @amireitan

    Thanks for the introduction. I hope that you can make this a top priority feature request for early Q1 2022 roadmap. This is a dealbreaker for many existing users, including myself, and will surely affect future sales if it isn’t added. This has been requested for years now and has fallen upon deaf ears. Hope that you can use your leverage as CPO to get improve this great monitor.

  • agree wholeheartedly with all the comments. This is must-have! Almost makes me regret my purchase. Love the product otherwise but this seems like a no-brainer

  • Been reviewing this thread and need to throw in my support for Google home connectivity as well. Yeah, crazy to think there is no definitive plan to have this function enabled on nanit for how expensive this product is. Please, please, Nanit, make this happen in early 2022.

  • I've owned a Nanit for a little over a year now. My wife and I love it. If it would have google smart home connectivity I doubt anyone would think twice about getting any other baby Monitoring product. Please make this happen some time in the near future.

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    @Melanie @Tali

    Does Nanit have any area/platform where customers can vote on backlog items / potential features?

    +1 On the Google home integration.

    Personally, I'm a user that would even pay a moderate recurring subscription fee just to have that capability.

  • Same as everyone else, frustrated Nanit has not been actively working on this. Please provide support for Google Chromecast/Home screen. The people have spoken and they made it clear. We want Google integration!!!