Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



  • coreythedesigner
    edited December 2021

    Genuinely surprised this feature request is not in the backlog yet. Our Nanit is the only smart device we own at this point that’s not supported within the Google Home ecosystem! @Tali could you please submit a ticket to the dev team investigate if the new Matter protocol might support this effort!

  • It's been 18 months since I purchased the Nanit and still disappointed the feature hasn't been added.

    I like product but wouldn't recommend it friends or family due to this one missing essential function. It's getting old now having to plug in a dedicated mobile phone or ipad for live view each night.


  • I'm jumping on the train here too. It's absurd that this feature is not even being worked on at the moment. Didn't Google Ventures invest $25M in this company in February 2021? Why on earth you support Alexa and not Google home? And I thought for sure it was coming soon after I saw that announcement.

    All I want to do is to see my child from the screens I have in my house. If you don't supply a screen to monitor my baby I'm forced to use ones I already have. But the ones I have aren't supported by you even though Google owns a large stake in Nanit. You can see why customers are frustrated that you aren't even working on this right? WTH?

  • Google Nest Hub and Chromecast support would be very very useful for us as well. It's really disappointing this was not a feature of the Nanit Pro while other "smart" monitors support it.

  • How is this not in the works? I've had this for over a year now and check back every now and then to see if it was finally implemented as i did through all the comments about how great it would be to have Google integration. That's such a given these days that when i bought it and i saw it was a smart device, i didn't bother to check if it worked with Google. Then when i start using it, i discovered it wasn't compatible. How is that possible. Google isn't some small start up that was easily overlooked. They even invested in you! At this point, to pretend like this is some newly discovered feature that you want to bring to someone's attention is kind of silly. Either there's some kind of reason you can't do it or you're just that or of touch with your customers. If there's a reason, then let us know so we can stop asking. But don't give us hope if you can't do anything about it

  • @Melanie @Tali just want to echo the comment above. How is this not in the works? Or at the very least how have you not provided information on why this isn’t being prioritized? According to LinkedIn, Nanit is not that large of a company (92 people) and it seems like a reasonable ask to have you talk with the product team to see if / when this can be completed.

  • Another Nanit user here who is completely shocked by the lack of Google Home compatibility. I just read through this entire thread to try and understand how this hasn't been addressed yet. While I do appreciate @Melanie responding politely. I would prefer to see a timeline or explanation as to why this isn't a feature? I think the number of users commenting on this thread should be proof that it requires some acknowledgement beyond "thanks for the suggestion".

  • +1 on this. I'm 4 months into my Nanit Pro, and just realized that this ability to cast onto Amazon is available but not Google. What a disappointment... There are far more Google Chromecast / Hub users than Amazon, why was this feature even worked on for Amazon?

    I'm also a dev, is there a public repo out there where we can work on this ourselves? Honestly it isn't much to enable considering the tech is already there... We are nearing end of year, I hope to see this on the roadmap for 2022.

    I have many new parents asking me what my setup is, and why, I would like to confidently suggest Nanit because of their features. As for now, not much distinguishing them from the rest of the camera / phone setups.

  • I just registered for an account to add my support for this feature!

    I’m currently pregnant, and purchased my Nanit assuming this feature was available. As I’m setting up my nursery I searched on Google for info on how to connect to a Google hub and was disappointed to find this conversation.

  • Thanks, @Melanie and @Tali. It would be great if we could get an update from the Nanit team as to whether or not they hear our request for this feature. Has this been added to the backlog?