Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



  • +1 for this feature. Honestly assumed it already did this when we bought because it's so basic, and are regretting the purchase without this feature.

  • +1 to adding this feature, we just purchased our second Nanit camera and having the stream option to Google home would add not only convenience but safety for monitoring my children. Happy to help connect the Nanit team with my contacts at Google if helpful.

  • I'm shocked this feature isn't available on a top of the line product. Seriously considering returning for something else. The ability to view video and or hear audio on Google Assistant devices is a must have. Please commit to putting it in your roadmap asap.

  • Please add this feature already! It would be amazing to have the nest be able to stream the manita feed. Please add it!

  • Taras
    Taras Member
    edited November 2021

    I was highly disappointed that Nanit doesn't have integration with Google home. Even the cheapest cameras from AliExpress have it...

    Hope it will appear soon

  • @Melanie @Tali

    You've had weeks to respond. Any insight you can provide? It's very frustrating to see this isn't in the works.

  • Hi Everyone - I've passed this feedback along to our product team. While I don't have a timeline I can share just yet, we understand how useful this feature would be. When I have something I can share here with the community I will be sure to do so! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  • Hi @Melanie, please keep us updated with status and timeline.

    This feature should be a quick 2-3 sprint type of work including QA. There are many outsourcing software house that could do this type of work in a week. The fact that this has not bubbled up onto top priority yet is really shocking.

    It reached a point now where I am starting to reconsider if nanit camera purchase is probably not for Google home user.

  • This feature would be extremely helpful for when babysitters come- I don’t want everyone to be added to the account (sisters, brothers, cousins) so they often don’t have a way to see my kiddo. I actually just bought a different baby cam for my second kiddo due to this issue. Would have bought a second nanit if babysitters could use my google home to check on the little one.

  • I was extremely disappointed to find out there was no support for our Google ecosystem. We are fully integrated in to the Google ecosystem with Chromecast on TVs, a couple of Google Hubs, and 10 or more Google minis. I don't see how this device can be marketed as such a "smart device", despite the lack of integration. Nearly anything I purchase that connects to the Wi-Fi in our home integrates flawlessly in to our Google ecosystem. With a device like the Nanit Pro, which is at the top of the food chain when it comes to price, one would think this feature would have been implemented years ago.

    I can think of multiple ways this would be helpful. 1: Casting the video/audio to the Chromecast/Google hubs to reduce the need to use cellphone. 2: Casting the audio through your Google Home minis that are scattered throughout the house to hear if baby is awake or sleeping. Having these features would also help with Gma/Gpa/Sitters not having to download the application to when babysitting.

    Please show these comments to your peers and higher-ups. Integration to Google is quite an easy process and shouldn't take too much work from Nanit to make this happen.