Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



  • helloandhi
    helloandhi Unconfirmed, Member

    Registered just now simply to add my plea for the Nanit team to move the request up higher in their backlog. I have several Google Homes sprawled out throughout my house and would absolutely love the option to stream the Nanit via this device versus my current solution of using my iPad plugged in all day and streaming all his naps. This is obviously a pretty in-demand feature for your current clientele, and a deal breaker for potential consumers. Please make this happen soon @Melanie and @Tali.

  • helloandhi
    helloandhi Unconfirmed, Member

    I'm a web designer/dev, hire me for a PI and I'll get this implemented in a Sprint or 2. I'll even do it pro bono because having this feature is worth more than a paycheck.

  • Please add Google Nest Hub or Chromecast functionality - this is a pretty critical feature.

  • Hi Everyone - thank you so much for your feedback. We hear you and appreciate you sharing the importance of this feature with us here in the community.

    @helloandhi I will be sure to pass this along :)

  • I asked about this years ago and it's still not even in the works.... unfortunately the lack of this as well as scheduled access for nannies/grandparents is why I won't be reinvesting in nanit products in the future.

  • Also adding my own desire for this functionality. My wife and I purchased an echo show specifically to try and use it as a secondary monitor, but Alexa's capabilities left us frustrated and ultimately returned it within two days. The Google Nest Hub integration would be fantastic. Please add it to your integration roadmap. - two new parents.

  • Agreed - being able to have the feed appear on displays like Nest Hub would be great

  • Agree with all of those requests. Integration with Google home is a basic feature that is table stakes for a smart product these days. For parents who don’t want to give caretakers full time access to the Nanit app on their phones, they need to be able to display the monitor on other devices. This is important for caretaking just as much as for the privacy of the family. Begging you to do this before we switch over to nest cameras full time!

  • Adding more to this thread. Since at least fall 2019 Nanit has worked with Amazon Show. Wondering when we can expect to have a Google integration.