Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



  • I agree that this not being a priority is pretty ridiculous. I'm almost inclined to just go with a standard security camera from any of the dozens of companies that have implemented this.

  • Please add this capability asap. It is not a "feature," but rather, should have been a requirement. I am sitting at home right now just realizing I have no ability to push the feed to any other devices. This is painful as a first-time father, especually at this price point. Thanks.

  • It's been quite a while since an update on this "feature". When are we going to have more options than just running this on our phone? We use Bluestacks on my husband's computer but when I put it on mine, it looks like Nanit isn't available anymore. Please, please, please give us more options. We bought this and saw it had Alexa functionality but have had such poor quality and consistency with the app on Alexa home that we don't even use it for anything anymore. At least a Chrome extension would be nice, that way I can work on my computer and still have Nanit up and not have to drain my phone battery.

  • Another vote for this feature ASAP

  • Not that it will matter probably, but this this a necessary feature. Please consider adding it.

  • Welp waited so long. Won’t be using this with my next kid. Definitely not a fan or promoter of this product anymore.

  • Lol. The reviews on the Google Play store tell you everything you need to know.

    Maybe if you focused on the app vs damage control, people wouldn't be so bummed?

    Hire developers not customer service reps.

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    + 1 :)
  • They have been saying they will put this request in since my first was a newborn. She’s now 2. I have a second on the way and honestly considering switching companies… definitely not paying for another year of insights.

  • Still no Chromecast feature, but per their latest email, they now have "New swoon-worthy travel case colors for families on the go."

    Interesting prioritization of resources. Maybe the sea foam green case will generate increased sales and improved user experience.