Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



  • Renan
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    Hi, how can I make it work with my Google Chromecast ?

  • Wade
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    Seriously how is this not a feature already in 2022! Nanit get your act together. Alexa support was the only reason we went with Nanit but it's been so unreliable over the past 5 months to the point of being unusable. Nanit support just says it's a known Alexa issue and they can't fix it. If that's the case remove Alexa support from your feature list!

    TLDR...Get into the 21st century and add Google Hub support!!

  • jlooow
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    Pileing on here - please create a Google Home integration.

  • I also just got a google home with hopes of using it as a baby monitor. I have all my Lorex, Nest, and Wyze cameras on here and this is the only one that isn’t linked to my monitor. I did read that y’all were working on it back in 2021 but I hoped y’all would have it figured out by now.

  • kploy
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    @NanitStephanie @NanitSarahCEO @Chris

    This feature was promised as “on the roadmap” for 2022 and it seems as if we may have backtracked.

    There have been no updates and this is lazy from a product and IT process. I work at a large SaaS company who is constantly having to prioritize feature/functionality, but transparency with your customers is crucial.

    Please take this seriously and give an update asap as this is a huge request.

  • kaiuhl
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    I would also really like to have Nanit be able to stream to a google home / chrome cast. Even audio-only support would be great.

  • BetaBrad
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    Nanit's latest feature release on 7/14 was Split Screen, which is the ability to stream multiple cameras simultaneously. In the email communication, Nanit stated that this was the "#1 most requested feature." It would be surprising that a feature that only applies to a small percentage of users (i.e. those with multiple active Nanit cameras) would be the "#1 Request." Meanwhile, we have a community thread with 15 pages of people who stumbled upon this thread and commented to request Google Home/Chromecast compatibility, where nearly all Nanit users can likely take advantage, as there are millions of these Google devices in homes. I wonder how they determined that Split Screen was the #1 Request? (Survey? Posts on the community forum? Complaints to Support? Public tweets?)

  • Jdferg
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    I suspect that they are going to leverage the new Matter interface that is coming. The timing seems to line up:

  • please dont act like you're listening to your customer's feedback when this glaring feature request has been ignored for more than a year.

  • Nirdla
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    edited July 27

    Just fair warning for everyone: don't get your hopes up. According to this post, this has been "on the roadmap" since December 2019. If you haven't bought a Nanit yet and want Google Home integration, go with something else.