Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



  • MikeDeLuca
    MikeDeLuca Member

    Nanit, you have a video and audio stream in an app. Google Cast SDK/API is dead simple for any halfway decent software developer to interface with. Don't be silly. Just get on with it already. This is dead simple.

  • Cecil
    Cecil Member

    Also logging in to tag @NanitMelanie and @Tali on this feature. Please plan this into the roadmap. The Nanit is the only smart item in our home that doesn't work with Google Home. I thought Google Ventures made significant investment into Nanit. I was shocked to find there's no Works with Google support or any mention of a timeline for when it's coming. I like this product and hear great things from my friends about it, but realistically, I will replace this camera long before I'll replace all the Google Hubs in our home. Please prioritize the required features to make this happen. Thank you for seriously considering all of this user feedback.

  • HeatherL
    HeatherL Member

    Also desiring this functionality! Hope it happens in 2022.

  • +1 on the google integration. Owlet does it - Look across the competitive landscape. This should be on the roadmap.

  • tnirens
    tnirens Member

    Totally agree with this thread, I feel like casting to Chromecast would be an easy feature add that would add significant value to the product and customers.

    Being able to cast to our TV or Google home hub would be a game changer and be a competitive advantage against other products.

  • RDT
    RDT Member


    Can we at least get a commitment and timing consideration?

    Now that we have two babies with nanit pros it is even more relevant. There should also be an option to be able to view both feeds simultaneously (off topic for this thread).

  • Chinmay
    Chinmay Member

    I’d like the video and sound via chrome cast as well !! Pls pls get this to work guys, would make nanit so much more useable

  • kenzinger
    kenzinger Member

    +1 really very surprised that this isn't even getting a response from Nanit, I just bought one but will likely cancel my order...

    @NanitMelanie @Tali

  • rlongbo
    rlongbo Unconfirmed, Member

    @NanitMelanie @NanitMackenzie @Amir @Tali

    I am currently looking at baby monitors for my baby due later this year and this google huh integration feature is a deal breaker!

    Please can we have an update and a date as to when this google hub integration will be live as there has been no update for quite some time now and when spending so much more on this monitor vs competitors then us customers need to know that important features like this are coming very soon!

    Thanks, Ryan

  • Really hoped this feature would be implemented by now. Considering just getting rid of my Nanit and going with something else.

    Super disappointing that this thread hasn’t even been responded to by anyone representing Nanit for months.