Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



  • I have legitimate question for Nanit about this feature you guys are working on. If and when it's done, will it be available to non-subscription paying users? I only ask because my Nanit came with however much time of the service free when I bought it but now it's expired and I'm realizing how many little features we lost by not continuing our subscription. Just little things like how long he's been asleep or access to videos even a couple of minutes after happening. With how many features I lost, I wonder if this google integration is going to cost me a monthly to finally be able to use. Things like video retention makes sense as it takes up server space and what not but how long he's been asleep seemed like such an easy thing to keep. So what's to keep you from also requiring a sub for this too?

  • Another week passed without reply.

    Please can you confirm a timeline. If not, please be transparent if you’re not intending to implement use with Google Home products.

    I’ll leave it another week or two then I’ll have to sadly look at another product that fits modern households.

  • jlee
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    Really glad I found this thread. I'm in the market for a baby monitor camera for our new girl this summer and the nanit looked like the best option until now.... The lack of google integration is a deal breaker and the fact that even the quarter in which the feature is expected isn't available is a sign that there is no real plan in the works. Time to shop for something else.

  • Yhippa
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    When will this feature be implemented?

  • amg9747
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    Would love this feature and would love to know if it’s actually being worked on. From the timeline of these post, i’m guessing it hasn’t.

  • The product is great but I am really disappointed with the fact that the app doesn't work with Google Home, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, etc. A lot of other brands, much cheaper than Nanit can be setup on those other devices.

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    What a shame. As someone who owns three and raved about the Nanit at mutliple showers that Ive hosted as a restaurant owner I sure feel like a schmuck for gifting this product to others. I’ll never recommend this product based on the lack of customer service alone

    My oldest is now 39months (aka 3 years+). Middle guy is about to turn 2. And baby girl is 6 months old. LOL! They’ll be teenagers before Im able to say “hey google show me baby’s nanit”.

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    It should be obvious to everyone in this thread by now that Nanit is only interested in developing features and add-ons that they can further monetize (more sticky subscription revenue) rather than what is being requested by their customers. We're into Q2 of 2022 and we don't even have confirmation that it's being worked on, nevermind a development timeline...

  • Still no updates from Nanit on this?! PLEASE- give us Google compatibility!!!

  • Jdferg
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    FYI: A used Nanit on ebay goes for about the same price (or more) as a new Nest Cam Indoor. I'm out Nanit. I gave you 6 months to act like you were a top tier camera.