Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



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    Not being able to use my google display has caused my iPhone battery to get completely broken, the amount of stress on phone while being on constantly during the night and charge at the same time, not to mention purchasing of standing charger so I can see my phone throughout the night has resulted in way more than just the ridiculously high price of Nanit. My phone already froze once had to be reset by apple itself (losing a lot of data including my daughter’s pictures) and its an iPhone 12 Pro. I really am so **** at this situation and demand answers. The google integration could save my phone.

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    Yes, couldn't agree more. Seems to be that the focus of feature development seems to be where Nanit can push premium add-ons or costly subscriptions rather than core functionality.

    And will add, I have a $20 Wyze cam that can integrate relatively smoothly with the Google Hub displays so don't think it would be that difficult to do if it was ACTUALLY prioritized.

  • Mahsa
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    I Also need to mention how google venture is one of your biggest investors, how is this still a problem?

    really wish I knew your “smart camera” is not that smart before purchasing.

  • So disappointed this seems to move so slow. I am not a Google home user, but using Apple, I can’t believe that can “hey Siri, turn on the nanit”

    for those a bit technical if you have Homebridge you can get the video stream, github and Google search will be your friend to find it all. How is it that I can get better support from a guy “hacking” his way to get the nanit video stream than from nanit to get it!?

  • One other thing, it gets really annoying to read “thank you, we hear you, it means a lot to us” when there is no REAL feed back. You will keep us update when there is some news….that’s a non comment if there is no actual update.

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    @NanitMackenzie On January 26th you stated that there will be some updated information in a few months...well it's March 22nd...any updates? This is just sad customer service to be honest...if you're talking security, then change your 2FA from a 4 digit code to something stronger or add other options to make it an MFA not a flimsy 4 digit code that can be brute forced or stolen by sim swapping. Stop using security as an excuse for delaying such a critical and obvious important feature to your customers. I mean 11 pages of requests and all you guys respond with is "how important it is to nanit for it's customers to voice their needs and concerns here." Well you have a funny way of a showing it!

  • Any news on this? @NanitMelanie

    Our Son will be going in crib soon and wanting to use Google Home products.

    Please update the community this thread is a big one, the above note was 2 months ago and there’s been no update

    If for whatever reason this can’t happen please tell the community, so the product can be changed for something that fits peoples needs.


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    ‘in all seriousness, is there any update on this functionality or roadmap to implement? You’re creating detractors of your product and encouraging parents to switch products that will better integrate into our google smart homes.

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    Crazy. I created this post months ago as a last ditch effort to find a solution on a clearly missed product feature. Then randomly about a week ago, I started receiving emails from Nanit that my post had a new comment. (I hadn't received any of such emails in 6 months, and have no idea how they randomly started working.)

    This led to two surprises:

    (1) This post blew up with so many replies and clearly other people are validating the use case.

    (2) Despite all the demand and a straight forward path to updating the app, Nanit STILL hasn't added this functionality.

  • Thanks for starting the thread. I saw this a couple months back and was hoping a solution would’ve been created. I needed another camera and decided to buy the wireless nest’s 2022, google home integration should be mandatory.