Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub



  • Thanks for the update. However do you have an actual timeline for this? Assumed it’s a top priority considering the size of this thread?

    If it’s imminent then I’ll be keeping Nanit ahead of my son going into his crib, if not I’ll be looking elsewhere for a product that has Google home integration. You’ve got people crying out for this and probably a lot of people assume it’s got the functions and buy this product to currently be disappointed. Thanks!

  • Smart home compatibility should be a must for products in this price range. I’m loving the Nanit so far but was also really disappointed to find that it cannot connect to google home.

  • A timeline good be great. Like mentioned above, sadly I would look at other monitors soon if this does not get implemented soon.

  • Jdferg
    Jdferg Member

    I think it is safe to say that it is not a priority at all by the product team at Nanit and if it ever is implemented, my child will be old enough to not need a webcam anymore. What a bummer and product disappointment this has been.

  • Absolutely baffling that this hasn't happened yet...

  • I’d love to have this too please, Alexa integration isn’t that great and I would prefer Google home integration

  • +1 for smart home capability please

  • JY26
    JY26 Member

    +1 for this. Additionally, it would be awesome for there to be an automation to open the video stream when it senses movement or sounds, so I don’t have to ask it to show me.

  • Dennis
    Dennis Member

    For some reason I thought this worker with my google home/hub which I purchased w monitor for every single room. Really regret spending $200 on this camera now :( too late to return

  • Holy moly.... How is this still not a thing?!?!? This device is not cheap, nor are the products you sell. Surely you can afford to make this happen. You've had months, if not years, to make this work. What is the real reason for the delay?

    Honestly, I wish I'd read this thread before buying my device. I would have steered clear.