Nanit to Chromecast or work with Google Nest Hub

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Has anyone found a work around to get the Nanit to Chromecast or to work with a Google Nest Hub? (Nanit Support said it is "something we are considering, but nothing concrete in the works as of yet.")

I'm shocked that this functionality isn't available and wasn't early on the roadmap. There is a skill for Alexa, but similar functionality doesn't seem to exist in the Google ecosystem.

Using a Google Nest Hub is perfect for a baby monitor, so one doesn't have to livestream on a phone or iPad. Then you can actually use your mobile device for other forms of communication.



  • @BetaBrad Thanks for your feedback! I'm tagging @Tali our Sr. Product Manager here for visibility. While this is not in the works as of yet, we are always collecting customer feedback so appreciate you sharing how useful this feature would be.

  • Pinging @Tali to add another customer's hopes for this feature. 😁

  • Logged in here especially to support this suggestion - we would love to use the nest hub displays as monitors in a similar way to the existing echo skill (albeit hopefully more reliably and less prone to timing out!)

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    Another comment to add this functionality

  • Would love to see this happen as well.

  • Yep, have been waiting on this.

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    Please make this feature happen. There's no reason an excellent device like nanit does not have "Works with Google" ecosystem qualification. Wyze camera is fully supported. Even my old automatic garage door works with Google Home.

    Having it displayed in one of Google Home ecosystem's screen brings much more value prop (and safety!) than having to turn on audio mode on my cell phone and putting it under my pillow -- while being charged all night!

  • @dimbi @elybella @JannM Thank you for sharing this feedback! It is very helpful to hear from our customers what would be most helpful to build into our product. We have heard this feedback before but I will be sure to pass along to our product team!