How to get my 3 month old baby to nap without being held the entire time?

My 3 month old baby won’t take naps during the day unless she’s constantly being held. The minute you put her in her pack and play or crib she wakes herself up and starts to cry until she’s picked up. This happens all the time ad it makes it hard to get anything done.

She has no issues sleeping in her crib at night. We swaddle her at night but don’t swaddle her during the day; not sure if this is the issue but we are hesitant on restricting her while she naps during the daytime.

is there anything we can do to help her sleep/nap without myself or wife having to hold her constantly?


  • Swaddle her. Although I swaddle mine during the day too but have the same problem…

  • What you do at night and for naps should be the same imo, it signals to your babe it’s sleep time. On a side note, make sure if she is turning over you are no longer swaddling arms❣️We also used white noise and a fan for our son, helps a ton! Good luck