Teething after sleep training

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We have “successfully” sleep trained I say it in quotations because there’s still many nights he’s up trying to self soothe back to sleep for 15 minutes, but he’s consistently getting 10+ hours at 6 months. But NOW we are teething... do you regress with teething? Do I need to expect more middle of the night wake ups? I don’t want to ignore his cries in my typical sleep training mode if he actually needs me. Thanks!


  • Megan
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    Thank you Jane! Yes I’m in the boat with you on medication, he JUST had his first dose of tylenol last night!

  • KLinds
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    Congrats on the successful sleep training! We never experienced extra wakings during teething - he did still have a pacifier that he used to put himself back to sleep and I’m sure he would chomp on that for some relief so not sure if that made any difference or not because I definitely have heard of other babes waking up more. Here’s to hoping your little one isn’t super bothered by those teeth!

  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    Jane, I LOVE that guide you posted! Its so easy to blame teething for a multitude of things! At Nanit, are collaborating with researchers at CUNY who are looking at the effect of developmental milestones on sleep. We know sleep is disrupted when babies are reaching developmental milestones, but we dont really know why. Are they practising their new skills? Is there something neurological going on? Is their sleep architecture different? We just dont quite know. We do know that these disruptions around milestones are usually short-lived and will likely only last for a few days. All that hard work of sleep training wont be wasted! They will be back sleeping beautifully soon!