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Hi there, if I have currently have two cameras and then purchase another one, will I get the nanit insights for free for the first year like I did originally?

Second question, if I purchase nanit insights and then buy another camera, are my nanit insights subscription connected to both cameras?



  • No, they aren't. You have to have a subscription for each camera. I also have two cameras and have insights subscriptions on both.

  • Thanks for the answer! When you purchased the new camera did you get a year of free insights for that one?

    Also when you have multiple cameras can you have the background audio playing for both at the same time?

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    Also - because Nanit seem to have questionable marketing practices - when renewing insights after the first free year, they do not present the Basic insights option on the app. They only present the more expensive options.

    If you want to purchase Basic, you have to log into the website and purchase there.

    It seems pretty deceptive and not trustworthy.

    Additionally, why should we have to purchase two subscriptions for two cameras in our home. It would be like purchase a Netflix account for every TV in our home.

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    Hi @Cool, thank you for sharing your feedback. I completely understand your concerns about not seeing the Basic option when renewing your insights subscription. Unfortunately at this time there are some limitations to the pricing and structure we are able to offer with in-app purchases, as the guidelines for in-app purchases is subject to Apple's terms.

    In an effort to make all subscription options available to our customers, we do offer all subscription options, including Basic, on We do also allow customers to keep a credit card on file to make this process more seamless for those who know they would like to auto-renew onto the Basic plan.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions about our subscriptions options!

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    Hi @BABU, when you purchase a new camera, you do get a year of free insights for the new Nanit! Each camera operates under its own subscription because each child will receive insights that are unique to their age and sleeping patterns.

    Per your second question, it is not currently possible to have the background audio playing for both on one device, but you can use two devices to play background audio for each camera. We are also working on a split screen feature - we will update the community on this when we have more specific information to share!

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    “for split screen, each camera will need to have its own subscription.”

    This is incredibly unfortunate. Nanit has an opportunity to create some kind of family plan with a reasonable incremental up-charge for multiple kids. Requiring 2X the cost is frankly a bit of a turn off. Look at how other video-based device companies like Ring have reasonable different plans for those with multiple devices.

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    Hi @Brian - thanks for posting here again! Currently each camera does require an individual Insights subscription per camera/child (any new camera purchased comes with a year of Basic Insights).

    With that being said, this is great feedback for our product team to hear as they are developing multi-child monitoring (split screen) and the details around it - I have shared this with them. Thanks again!

    I also wanted to note that as we have more information to share with the community about multi-child monitoring, we'll be updating this "Dual camera split screen option" thread. I'd recommend bookmarking it using the icon on the top right of that thread's page so you can stay up to date on plans for the feature.

  • Mackenzie -

    I appreciate the fact that Nanit is listening enough to respond to forum concerns like these but the "two cameras, different insights" isn't a reason. Nanit has every ability to cut parents that slack. It's a deflection.and a money grab. I agree that it's pretty crazy, at the price being charged, that a 2nd subscription reauired. Its unbelievably excessive! On top of that, unlike most subscriptions on the market today, there isn't even a savings offered adding a 2nd. While these cameras are awesome and very much in their own league among the rest, they are hardly priced competively, especially with the so many budget options like Wyze cam entering the market. Good for Nanit for making such a great product... but the distance they've put between themselves and the competition is almost like a set of finger guns to parents heads. We don't really have any other choice but to pay whatever they ask if we want the best for our kids. Puts money in the bank, sure, but that's not a great feeling for the customers and shows very little self awareness on Nanit's part. Just makes me (and I'm sure others) feel like I'm being taken advantage of. Alternative solution? Fill that large gap Nanit's created with a less expensive option! I'd totally buy a cheaper device from Nanit knowing the quality they produce over a cheaper option from someone else!

    Apologies for the sass...but for real. Literally just set up my 2nd camera and this 2nd subscription requirement was a massive, unexpected slap in the face. After weeks of debating whether we could afford another camera, we bit the bullet and did. How could we not. My second boy deserves everything my first did. Now I'm gonna get milked again to provide my 2nd son with the same level of parenting care. Very frustrated right now. Even worse, you might respond, but all of this time I just spent writing this whole be for nothing.

    Thanks for listening, I guess?

  • NanitMackenzie
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    Hi there @DadasaurusRex - congratulations on baby #2!!

    Thank you for taking the time to write all of this. Please know that it's not for nothing, as we share out all of the feedback we receive in the community. While it may not be possible for every idea/request shared in the community to be executed, it is important for us to hear about what you like about the product and how we can make the experience better for you.

    I have shared your request for a less expensive camera option and a discount on subscriptions for additional cameras with our product team. In the meantime, I also wanted to share that each new camera comes with a year of Basic Insights for free (you can see the details of our insights plans here). If do you choose to purchase an upgrade or renew, we'd recommend doing so on because you'll have the option to pay monthly instead of annually, which is a better fit for some customers.

    Let us know if you have any other questions, and thank you again for taking the time to share with us.

  • covfefe
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    Nanit requiring multiple subscriptions for multiple cameras is pure greed.

    I am welcome our 2nd baby, and spent $300 to buy a 2nd camera.

    i also have a spare camera at my in laws

    now that I see the benefit of insight, I would gladly upgrade my subscription to level 2 or 3.

    But absolutely not would I spend 2-3x this cost just because I have 2-3 cameras.

    please make a package subscription. Maybe tier 1 single camera, tier 2 up to 5 cameras or such.

    i am not spending $60/month for insight with 2 kids & a spare camera.