My 3mo doesnt sleep through the night

My 3 month old used to sleep 7-8 hours at night but now he is back to waking up 3 times at night. I am very tired. I exclusively pump for my baby and He eats like 1100 ml a day so he is not hungry. What can I do to make him sleep better? ( he also pushes the paci out, I have to trick him with a bottle first)


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    at around that age they regress and change their sleeping patterns. It will continue to change throughout the first year until they regulate their sleep at around 1 year old for must kids. Some do it way before but I try not to have high expectations!

  • Try giving less frequent bigger bottles instead of smaller meals. I used the babywise book method. I would also not attend to him unless he’s full on crying and/or you suspect a poppy diaper

    Also formula is not evil… exclusive pumping is pretty extreme so don’t let people make you feel like you have to do that.

  • We are in the same situation. My 3 month old had some good stretches as night a few weeks ago and we thought we were turning a corner but for the past few weeks he wakes up constantly all night long. We are exhausted. We tried giving him bigger bottles every 4 hours (instead of every 3) but so far that has not helped. We have tried letting him soothe/settle himself but he doesn’t calm (unless we don’t wait long enough but it seems like we leave him for a while). We are out of ideas.