Need a camera orientation option?

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The camera is positioned at the foot of the crib - that’s the beat place for our setup. As a result, Position Crib does not work properly (wrong orientation) and clicking the video expands the view with the wrong orientation. We tried Rotate video but that only helps in the small iPhone view, as soon as you expand or go to position crib, it’s wrong again. Feels like a basic feature. How do you fix this?


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  • NanitJessica
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    Hey everyone,

    Providing everyone an update in regards to this feedback with wanting a camera orientation option. I'm happy to say that the product team is aware about this feedback and is actually working on getting this feature available. They're hoping this feature will be available soon for everyone! 😄

    When we hear any new information from the team of when this feature will be coming, we'll be sure to update the community. We appreciate your patience and feedback for this feature!



  • @Brendan Nanit must be placed on the long side of the crib so that you can properly calibrate the crib. The only way to resolve this is to move your stand to the long side of the crib.

    Placing your Nanit on the long side of the crib allows your camera to get the best view of your baby’s crib and ensure our analytics function at their very best.

  • Brendan
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    Thank you for the quick response! That’s purely a software issue. Nanit works perfectly fine on the short side of the crib (as shown above), but the software is missing support. When will this be added/fixed?

  • Checking in… Can you ask the engineering team when this will be properly supported?

  • @Brendan At this time I do not have a timeline for this feature request. However, our team is constantly taking into consideration the types of feedback requests we receive from our customers and appreciate you sharing with us! Look out for some Product involvement in the community in the coming weeks so you will have an opportunity to get more insight into this process and share more of your feedback with them!

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    @Melanie I want to vote up for this feature request! It's kinda basic 😆

  • @Melanie agree is basic and should be addressed :-)

  • Brendan
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    Any update on this being fixed?

    We have two Nanit’s now and both suffer from this issue… What’s the best way to push this up the priority list?

  • I want to vote for this update too.

  • This is such a basic feature… Please bump this up the list.

  • NanitMackenzie
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    Hi all, thank you for sharing your feedback.

    Nanit's analytics were developed to work best with the camera positioned on the long side of the crib, so while the camera will still operate if placed in other locations, there may be some imperfections in our reporting or Insights. Because of this, we have not offered in-app infrastructure to support different camera orientations, and developing analytics around a new orientation is a bit more involved than it may seem.

    With that being said, we definitely do take your feedback into account and I have shared everyone's support for this request with our product team. Though I don't have any updates at this time, we will share new information here on the community if there are any developments!