How is 4 visits in a night considered “good”?

We’re going nuts over here with our 6 month old. Screams from a dead sleep every 25-40 minutes from bedtime on. Something’s gotta give, right? Yes, we’ve tried all the methods. She can’t stay asleep and she can’t self soothe.


  • I am having the same issue and very frustrated. My 6 months old turning 7 months refused to sleep on her own. She has been a good sleeper until she hit her 6 months.

    Today my nanit show 11 visit. She slept at 7:00 PM then woke up at 11pm and didn't sleep until 2:09 am. I am also loosing any ideas. She cant self soothe :-(

  • In the same boat :( 8 month old waking up every 2 hours. Multiple failed attempts at sleep training, she just can't self soothe!! At this point my husband and I are just taking shifts at night and waiting for her to outgrow this. Sigh

  • we have the same problem at home:( I’m not sure how to handle it. I think I will have to start trying the cry it out method.

    i won’t pick him up before 2 am at the beginning and pick him up once or twice after 2. After a couple of weeks I’ll stretch it to 4 am. I hope it works :’(.

    the only thing that helps me with the cry it out process is that I know this constantly interrupted sleeping can’t be good for him so training him will be best for him in the long run.

  • When my kids did this they were always teething or hungry.