My 5mo wakes up btw. 2-4am

My 5mo recently started waking in the middle of the night. She doesn’t cry or anything but after awhile she will start to sing which ultimately wakes my husband and I up which at that point it’s showing that she’s been awake for 30-40min already.

She goes to bed between 6:30-8pm every night and I make sure our routine is consistent or close to on schedule. She was sleeping through the night for almost 2 months now without needing a bottle or anything and all of a sudden she started this. I’m due to go back to work and just concerned that this is becoming a new normal for her.

any suggestions?


  • Look into “the split night”! Our five month old is doing the same thing and we read about this. We haven’t tried anything it recommended yet, but it sounds like it might be our problem, maybe yours too! Good luck.

  • It's a sleep depression stage. My daughter did it from 4 to 6 months, then did it for a few weeks at 9 months. From what I read. It'll occur even after two years old. Just them developing their baby brains! It will go back to normal though.

  • Mine has done this for as long as I can remember. She just babbles often an hour then goes back to sleep.

    before industrial timekeeping and accurate clocks, this was common practice for many people. That’s where burning the midnight oil came from. It’s natural.

  • My 5m old just started doing this and I’m so lost. So just leave them be? She was doing so good with sleeping through the night entirely.