How can I get my 3mo old to sleep longer than 30 minutes during the day?

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He does okay at night… he won’t sleep longer than 30-45minutes during the day…

at night he goes down for 8-830, sleeps til 2ish, up again at 6:30 then up for 8:30…

during the day he wont sleep longer than 30minutes so im constantly just putting him down… hoping to fix this :(


  • Perhaps give him more stimulation during the day to tire him/her out more. Read some books, walk around. Maybe stimulate for 45 minutes to start off and then see how long he sleeps.

  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @Silliam21 Its REALLY normal for 3 month olds to sleep 30-45 minutes at a time, in fact, its great! The longer naps will likely come in a few months, but honestly, a lot of babies don't do more that 30-45 minutes at this age and it may not be something you can change for now.

    I'd focus on the fact that the night is amazing! The naps will come!

  • I know people say it’s normal for them to have short naps at this age…but I believe you can train them to take longer naps which is better for everyone. I follow Takin Cara Babies on Insta & follow her advice: nap time routine, super dark room, white noise. My oldest was an awful sleeper and I nap trained him kinda the same way we did nighttime sleep training per the advice of a sleep consultant we hired. I’d let him cry for a bit, go in & soothe, let him cry more if he cried ect going in at increasing intervals to soothe. I’d leave him in the crib until nap time was over (so 1-1.5 hours) even if I had to go in there a ton of times. It worked, and within less than a couple weeks he was taking naps like a dream without any tears. He’s been a champ napper ever since. My youngest is 6w and she’s an angel & naps like a dream but if she didn’t (or if things change in the future) I’ll do the same thing I did with my oldest