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Hello! My 7 month old refuses to do the 3rd Nap, but she sleeps for 1 hour each nap, how do I lengthen her naps so that she sleeps 3 hrs total a day? If she only sleeps 2 hrs total she is cranky at night, I put her to bed early for now and wait for her to lengthen?


  • My son was the same, we had a snuggle me and I let him nap in that during the day and he slept twice as along in it. There is warning signs on the product not to do that, but we were watching him through the monitor most of the time and you could also place the owlet on him in needed.

  • Hi! It sounds like your little one needs to drop her 3rd nap! My son is 7.5 months and we started working on new schedule to drop it at 7 months :) this is what my sleep consultant used for him right now (I take the takingcarababies course and emailed them about this)! Wake windows:


    7am: wake/feed

    9:30am : feed

    9:45-11: 45am - nap 1

    12:30pm: feed

    2:45-345: nap 2

    4 pm: feed

    7: feed/bedtime

    heres basic template I follow! Obviously the days my son takes a bad nap - or wakes up early (my son is more of a 6am waker, so mines pushed back ) but maybe try this??

  • Hey Brittany!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! Mine sleeps at 7:30 pm but wakes also 6ish, do you do 3 naps those days? I dont know how to fix early rising…