Dual camera split screen option?



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    Hey @NanitCommunity if you guys could at minimum release a secondary app that could literally be a duplicate copy of the existing app to the Google play and Appstore that would temporarily solve this. Aka those of us using tablets for monitors could use the native split screen functionalities at the OS level to mimic split screen. I have tested this conceptually by launching split screen mode on a Samsung Galaxy Tab with baby monitor on one side and YouTube on the other. Running audio in both apps works simultaneously. I guess the other current option for us in the community if Nanit cannot be of help would be for someone to successfully clone the native Nanit App for android and post back which settings they used in App Cloner (https://appcloner.app/) or similar apps to achieve this. I know we have smart folks on this thread! Let’s make this work people!

  • @amireitan

    when is split screen option coming? I was told it would be rolled out by now but here we are and nothing. I’m expecting my second child and I won’t be able to monitor both.

    this is a simple feature that basically every other monitor can provide. For this price point this is surely a disappointment and I will be switching if I don’t receive answers. Clearly safety of our children is not priority since such a simple code has not yet been implemented.

  • I was told this was going to be released and it has not. Not sure why nanit cannot only implement something so simple in software programming that other companies they claim to be inferior have mastered, but also not sure why they feel the need to lie / lead their customers on.

    this product is premium price and should deliver premium service and product, which it has not.

    should I not receive a more definitive time period of when this feature will roll out, I will be switching to another product and not recommending this one to anyone!

    it’s too bad that nanit does not place our childrens safety above all as only being able to monitor one child at a time is obviously dangerous.

  • I’m honestly livid that this thread is as long as it is, that parents have been asking for this update for YEARS. We just had a huge scare with my 2 year old because we did not realize we couldn’t at least hear her in the audio on the monitor while it was set to viewing our infant. I’m so disappointed that Nanit isn’t more concerned about our childrens’ safety and isn’t prioritizing our ability to monitor more than one at night. This is a MAJOR SAFETY ISSUE AND PRODUCT FLAW. I am not surprised that this information isn’t widely known or stated on a product page because why would anyone buy this camera to begin with if it was? For a growing family this product becomes useless at best and neglectful at worst.

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    How ridiculous is this update? A $300+ camera housed on an app cannot support multi screen monitoring but $50 pieces of plastic can? We have been asking for an update on timing after being told sometime in 2022 and the update you provide is the end of 4th quarter? Do you not understand that is the exact same as telling us sometime in 2022? I have a hard time believing this would take more than a few hours and a simple update to the app. Getting kind of crazy.

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    @Ksc16 100% agree. Will never support this company again and will let all my pregnant friends and family know as well. Very disappointing. By end of this year, many our kids will be aging out of the camera. Absolutely ridiculous

  • To add insult to injury, not only is split screen not an option but you have to pay for a subscription for each camera. Im thinking nanit buys their reviews.

  • The per camera subscription is total rip off. We have four total in our family and we’ve just had to let them all fall off subscription…. no where near justifiable.

  • Are they operational with the app without a subscription?

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