Dual camera split screen option?



  • @Emhilly absolutely agree! This is the one I got!

  • I need this split feature for both kids also!

  • im also pretty disappointed this feature does not exist. Coming from an IT background who manages both on-prem and cloud based enterprise surveillance systems, this is a basic feature, even for systems over a decade old. I don’t buy the issue being a security problem as multiple cameras are already tied to one account, the security is already baked in. Also it’s not uncommon to share a roadmap of new features including timelines for features about to be released, especially for a cloud based service as many times customers (including IT professionals) don’t even realize when new features are available until they are released due to the nature of cloud based services.

    anyways I’m going off on a tangent. Hopefully Nanit will implement this feature soon with in the next few weeks, otherwise I’ll look elsewhere for my second camera and replace my existing one.

  • I just put my 7 month old preemie to bed in his crib for the first time tonight. I usually have my 3 year old’s Nanit on in the background while I sleep in case she has a bad dream, gets sick, has to go potty, etc. It’s going to be very hard for me to let that go for tonight. As an anxious Mama of 2 precious kiddos, I sure hope this update is well on it’s way!

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    I bought 2 nanits - one to monitor an infant, another to monitor my toddler. I’m really disappointed to find out that I cannot monitor both at the same time. My previous monitor was “cheap” but actually worked to monitor 2 kids, as it would automatically scroll between the 2 cameras. How is a parent supposed to sleep if you can only be alerted or hear one of the 2 kids? What good is it if you have to manually scroll between the 2? I would expect such a high tech product to be able to do this

    are there any software updates coming soon to resolve this issue? If not I will sadly be returning my Nanits and going back to my less fancy but far more effective monitor.

    thank you

  • NanitMackenzie
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    Hi @Googan14, thank you for posting here! Split screens is definitely one of the biggest requests we've heard in the community, and I can say that our team is actively working on it! I do not have specific timing that I can share at the moment, but we will keep the community updated with information as it becomes available.

  • Do we have an updated ETA? I just purchased our second camera for our second child. The stress of not being able to see both of them will hit very soon!

  • any update?? @amireitan @Melanie

    spent so much money on this camera system and expecting baby number two early fall. Will definitely have to get rid of it considering you can’t even monitor your second child at all unless you spend more money and purchase a second device to stream off of overnight. Kind of ridiculous this was even created this way…

    not sure why you can’t give us an ETA but since you refuse is there a general timeframe? Ex. Summer, fall, winter ??? These questions involve the safety of our children overnight not sure why we can’t get legitimate answers.

  • It is not coming anytime soon, I asked this same question in September 2020 when my 2nd was a month from coming and I received the SAME EXACT response back then. Not sure what the hold up is but it doesn’t really seem like it’s that important of an update to them seeing as it’s been almost a year and a half and they’re still shoveling out the same nonchalant response/excuse.

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    @Mackenzie will it be available by the end of 2022?

    not sure why you can’t provide a general time line considering people have to keep safety of their babies in mind and need to make expensive decisions before their babies make their entrance into this world…. at least give us a glimpse of hope with a general time frame because right now the “can’t tell u when, but coming soon” has been going on for almost a year…..

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