Dual camera split screen option?



  • Hello @Melanie

    As a lot of your customers, baby #2 arrived and we are now waiting for split screen option.

    Can you go to your developers team and request an ETA for this feature?

    If Nanit is not able to provide an ETA by next week, I will switch to different brand (and I encourage other customers to do the same).

    Your products are quite expensive, so your customers get high expectations.

    we want visibility.


  • We also chose Nanit because we saw how easy it is to add a second camera, but should’ve looked into the actual UX of that more. We are now looking at adding that second setup, but need the ability to monitor both children at once without having to buy another screened device (iPad, phone, show, etc.). @Melanie do you have any update on when this feature will be available? If it’s not in the pipeline, we will most likely need to find a different system. Both babies will be too young to just pick one to monitor throughout the night.

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    I agree with everyone's sentiments! It is pretty disappointing that the split-screen feature is not available on the Nanit. Very annoying that I have to have two devices up to view both of my kids. Would love to see this feature integrated soon!

  • Also looking for an update. I would like to return my camera if this feature isn’t coming very soon.

  • Hi Everyone! Appreciate everyone's feedback on this feature - I can share that we absolutely hear you on the importance of this feature, but I do not have specific timing that I can share here just yet. However, I will be sure to keep the community updated with information as it becomes available!

  • @Melanie Baby #2 on the way and I ordered this product moments ago before finding this thread. Unfortunately, going to need to cancel that order as it seems to be challenging to add what I would imagine is a pretty basic function. What is holding up this crucial update?

  • amireitan
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    Nanit parents,

    Let me first introduce myself, my name is Amir Eitan and I’ve recently joined Nanit as a Chief Product Officer. A great deal of my work is to listen to engaged community members like the ones who posted here and adapt Nanit’s offerings to meet the needs.

    While I can’t share the company’s roadmap, for obvious reasons, I want you to be sure that split screens and all sorts of integrations are coming your way.

    Having said that please note that Nanit will always prioritize safety, privacy and security above all other features and while not apparent to the users often times, these do require a great deal of investment from the team.

    Please continue to share your feedback, Nanit’s product team works closely with Melanie and continuously discussing priorities based on your feedback.



  • I too was shocked when baby #2 came along and realized I wouldn’t be able to see both babies on the same screen. So, since then, I’ve had to have two iPads on my nightstand every night/walk around with two devices all day. Well, baby #3 is coming in 4 months and I just don’t see how I’m going to have to have THREE iPads set up every night. Two I would understand with two babies on one iPad and the third on another. Especially bc I got a cheap monitor on Amazon for $150 when we moved and wouldn’t have WiFi for a couple days, that came with TWO cameras, AND it’s own screen to watch them both on! And it tells temperature for both rooms, allows us to speak to them, move the cameras around, etc etc. REALLY hard to believe that I spent $900+ plus HUNDREDS more a year for these when I could’ve spent $150.

  • @saddidly which camera did you get from amazon? I am planning on returning my new Nanit so I can get something else that will meet my needs now. Nanit is great if you only have one kid; but not at all helpful if 2+

  • @amireitan I appreciate the message. Perhaps I am not aware of the obvious reasons but I am unsure as to why you wouldn’t be able to provide an ETA on an update. Tech companies give projections and estimates on products and updates regularly.

    I can tell you are sincere and again appreciate you attempting to add to this discussion but many of us can’t justify spending this amount of money when there are many other alternatives that can do the basics. Unfortunately going to have to return mine.

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