Can I have two Nanit cameras with the one app sign in?

I have the Nanit camera for baby no 1, baby no 2 due shortly, love the Nanit and want to get one for baby no 2. But can I have the two cameras on the one app under the same login?

Any other folks have any thoughts on this?



  • Hi @Paul_Carey Yes! The Nanit app supports multiple paired cameras. If you have multiple Nanits paired to your account, you can switch between them by tapping your child's name at the top of the Live, Activity, and Nights tabs.

  • Thanks Melanie, so I would receive notifications for both cameras via the same sign in, correct?

  • So when will I be able to split screen view? I have two children and would like to be able to view them both. What’s the eta for this?

    and no, having a eco show or a second tablet is not a practical answer.

  • @Paul_Carey Yes, you would receive push notifications for both cameras.

    @Hanbri9 I totally understand how important of a feature request split-screen view is - I can't give out a specific timing right now (and I wish I could!), but what I can share is this is something we have heard from many customers so we know this is incredibly important to our customers and therefore is important to us!

  • Hi there, if I have currently have two cameras and then purchase another one, will I get the nanit insights for free for the first year like I did originally?

    Second question, if I purchase nanit insights and then buy another camera, are my nanit insights subscription connected to both cameras?

  • @BABU every nanit camera comes with nanit insights free for the first year. You can see the details of our insights plans here.

    Your Nanit Insights will not be connected to both camera - each camera will have it's own nanit insights.

  • @Melanie thank you for the information! If I have two cameras will I be able to hear both audio as background noise at the same time for both cameras?

  • @BABU Nanit doesn't currently support split screen view to stream multiple cameras at the same time on one device. When using more than one camera on the Nanit app you can easily switch between live video for each camera while receiving camera specific notifications for motion and sound.

  • If you get a second camera for an additional child, I know it comes with Nanit insights for the first year, but do you have to pay for two Nanit Insights subscriptions each year at $100 each, one for each camera? Or would one subscription cover both cameras/kids?

  • @Melanie is there any update on the split screen? We just had our second 3 weeks ago and I was not aware that you can’t hear both background noises only the one you are viewing. If I would have know that I wouldn’t have bought the nanit again honestly. For example I was “viewing” my daughters and had no clue my son was crying because I couldn’t hear his. This is frustrating.