Red lights come on when plugged in but reset button not working and does nothing



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    As of this time, we will be closing this thread. To add to my previous post, we like to remind everyone that users on this thread have different Nanit camera models and this can impact how we help troubleshoot your issue further. We highly recommend you contact our support team if you are experiencing this issue or follow the steps below:

    1. Perform a basic power cycle of your Nanit camera - remove the Nanit from the stand and unplug it from the wall for about five minutes. Then re-attach the Nanit back on the stand and let it boot back up.
    2. While the camera is power cycling, please also uninstall the Nanit app, reboot your phone device, and reinstall the app.
    3. Perform a hard reset of your Nanit camera: How do I reset my Nanit camera?

    Again, rest assured that the support team will assist as much as possible even after you passed the warranty period.

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