Nanit Tips & Tricks - Traveling with your Nanit? Travel Hack for Multi Stand from a Nanit Parent

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We are celebrating Nanit Week, so we are going to be sharing Nanit tips and tricks on the community!

The tips and tricks shared are both from Nanit as well as Nanit families! We would love to hear your Nanit tips, so share them on the thread or message me directly.

Nanit's multi-stand is great for traveling, but sometimes it is hard to find the right placement for the stand so you have a complete view of baby!

Below are two options from a fellow Nanit parent to temporarily mount your camera to different objects:

Your multi-stand has a bolt hole in the bottom of it. The bolt size is 1/4 - 20, which is the same size as a standard camera tripod. If you don't have enough space for a tripod? Try a magnet from your hardware store with a hole on each end. From there you can use a 1/4" drill bit and made the holes a bit larger. Use a 1/2" long bolt that is sized 1/4 - 20 and you can mount the multi-stand into the magnet, and then onto anything metal!

You could also try a heavy-duty clamp from your local hardware store. Put a 1/4" hole in one of the ends that your hand would grasp to open/close the clamp and then attach the same way you would with a magnet.

What other Nanit travel hacks have worked for you?


  • We stayed at a hotel that didn't require a password for its WiFi. We therefore could not connect the Nanit to it. We used our laptop to connect to the hotel WiFi and created a hotspot on the laptop that we then connected the Nanit to.

  • SarahM we did the EXACT same thing, except we used one of our phones as the hotspot instead of a laptop!

  • lxy
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    I tried hotspot on my phone and it doesn’t work. Can Nanit upgrade this for the travel parents. This is pain because we cannot leave baby without the camera.

  • NanitJessica
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    Hey @lxy,

    Thanks for posting here. You mentioned that you cannot connect to your hotspot on your phone. Did you make sure you typed in the correct WiFi name and password (case-sensitive)? Have you tried rebooting your phone device to see if that might help? Can you also have another device connected to that hotspot?

  • Vance
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    Poor design. Same issue with hotel wifi having no password. Cannot use phone as hotspot because phone cannot have Wi-Fi and hotspot enabled at the same time.

  • NanitJessica
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    Hi @Vance,

    Thanks for posting on the community. If you want to connect to your hotspot on your phone device, it will need to connect to cellular data.

    You can also try reaching out to the hotel to see if there are any other ways to connect to their WiFi but we do not recommend connecting to networks that are open due to privacy and security reasons. You can read more about it here: Wi-Fi Networks That Are Not Recommended or Won't Work with Nanit.

  • nanit12345
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    Nanit this is a massive flaw in your design and unfortunately I can no longer recommend this camera to friends and family because of this issue. This is not a travel friendly monitor, unfortunately. Please fix this issue and allow the camera to connect to open networks.

  • Captured portal Wi-Fi networks like those found in hotels are a large problem for many accessory-like devices similar to Nanit.

    Another option when traveling is to bring a travel router, which itself connects to the hotel Wi-Fi, and also has a 2nd Wi-Fi SSID broadcast for your devices. You can setup the device network with the same SSID and password as your home.

    The travel router connects to the hotel Wi-Fi, goes through the captured portal process to get online, then your other devices connect to what they think is the same network you have back home. No need to go through the process to change what network your devices want to connect to. The other benefit is for locations that charge "by the device" as the router looks like one device connected to Wi-Fi.

    Some options here: