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Do you have questions about our app, breathing motion monitoring, or how you can watch your baby grow with Nanit Smart Sheets?  Now is your chance to ask us anything! Join our Senior Product Manager, Tali Gueta, and ask her anything about Nanit! 

Tali joined Nanit 4 years ago as the first Product Manager in the company and is currently a Senior Product Manager, managing the development of the Nanit mobile app. Tali has been a product manager for over 7 years, she has a B.A. in Interactive Communications and she specializes in human-computer interaction and user experience design. Prior to Nanit Tali worked as a Product Manager at codeMonkey.com, a platform that teaches kids to code via a fun and interactive game.

Tali is answering questions in the community, Monday, August 9th through Thursday, August 12th. Don’t miss out and get your questions answered! 



  • Hi! I've been looking at Amazon reviews and see so many recent negative reviews (pretty much all of them) about the app failing. I get that a small minority having issues can be vocal, but it is pretty a bit unnerving spending so much money on something that may end up causing more stress than help.

  • We have two children now and are wondering when the app will support split screen/multi camera viewing. Seems like a reasonable thing to have for the amount we’ve spent on monitors and insights subscriptions. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  • we are using the portable nanit stand cam above a bassinet in our room until baby is ready for crib. My welcome screen on the app usually just says “good evening mom” and other times it says “the crib was last attended 5 minutes ago”. Tonight, my app still said “good evening mom” while my husband right next to me had “the crib was last attended 5 minutes ago”. Why won’t my welcome screen show more insights?

  • Any plans for Google Home integration? I have a few nest hubs I would LOVE to be able to use as a monitor. Would you be able to share a rough roadmap for future features?

  • Tali
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    Hi @DADBOD , thanks for posting this question, definitely a very important feature request that we have heard from our customers and it is on our radar.

    Until we have something official you can use a tablet or an Alexa Show as a monitoring device as well, so a combination of your phone and a tablet will allow you to monitor multiple babies at the same time.

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    Hi @SleeplessinSeattle , what a great nickname 😂

    From your question I'm not sure if you are using a Floor stand or a Multi stand, so I'm going to try and reference both options.

    If you are using the Nanit camera on a Multi-stand then you are probably not seeing Sleep analytics. This is because to generate our Insights analytics we need to have a birds-eye-view of the baby's crib/bassinet and the Multi-stand usually doesn't offer this kind of a view. That's why you won't see in your app "my bed was attended X minutes ago" or "I fell asleep X minutes ago".

    If you're using a Floor stand, you should be able to see the recent event in your app welcoming you. Sometimes our algorithms can miss an event and not show a recent status, but it should show most of the time if your camera and crib are positioned correctly (I would refer to this article to learn more about camera positioning).

    If you and your husband are seeing different messages, my question to you would be are you both using the same type of phone (iOS / Android) or each of you have a different phone? Sometimes our Android and iOS apps can behave a bit differently. The best thing to do is to reach out to our CS team and they can let my team know there's a bug that we should fix.

    Hope this help! 😊

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    Hi @gregholland that's a great question! We definitely want to support Google Home and we have heard this from our customers in the past. To be able to officially support Google Home we need to make some changes to the way we stream video today, which means it's a bit of a bigger project than it should be. I won't go into details but we hope to be able to support this in the future as we are aware of the amazing possibilities this can open for our customers.

  • Hi @gregholland jumping in for Tali! Thanks so much for your question! I can understand that it can be concerning to see negative reviews, especially for a product like Nanit that is designed to give you peace of mind. Because Nanit does rely on a wireless connection there are times that a poor wifi connection or a particular user's setup can cause connectivity issues with the camera. 

    We have outlined our best practices for resolving these types of issues in a few different support articles. You can reference them here.  

    With that being said - we take all reviews seriously and are always striving to improve our product based on customer feedback so that every customer has the best experience with Nanit. Our customer support team is available to provide 1:1 troubleshooting in addition to finding support here in our community. Please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions - and thanks again for posting here!

  • Interested in purchasing but can’t find answers to a few questions:

    • Are we able to use the breathing band over a normal grobag (not nanit)?
    • How much in GBP £ is the subscription after a year...only seem to be able to see dollars
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    @clairem1122 Happy to help!

    YES, you can use the breathing band over a grobag that is TOG 1.0 or less. A bit more information on the breathing band, in case it is helpful: The Nanit Breathing Band wraps around your baby’s torso underneath their arms, and goes right over any pajamas or light weight sleep sack they would normally sleep in. The Breathing Band is a great choice for younger babies who prefer not to swaddle, or for older babies who have outgrown their swaddle and have started to roll or sleep on their tummy.

    We don't recommend that the band goes over a padded sleeping bag or sleeping bag that is very thick and heavy. Our general rule of thumb is that most 1.0 TOG sleeping bags are suitable for the breathing band to wrap around.

    Nanit Insights basic is included for free with your camera for the first year, after the first year to renew the basic subscription it is £50 per year. We also have two other insights options - Insights Premium (£100/year) and Insights Unlimited (£300/year).

    If you visit this page on our website, you should be able to select your location and see the price in GBP £. Hope this helps!

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