6 month old- so fussy and whiny. HELP!

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Hi everyone. First time posting on here so here goes...

My daughter just turned 6 months. Had a great doctors visit- growing beautifully! However, I feel like she hit 6 months and has turned from content baby to fussy and whiny all the time. When playing, she’s only happy with something for a couple minutes. Even after her nap and/or being held, she just doesn’t seem content. She’s eating and sleeping at night well. I’m trying to figure out what it could be. I asked the doctor, she says chalk it up to teething. I don’t see anything yet but it can be so hard sometimes. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I feel like nothing I do is making her happy.

Is this a phase? Will it get better? Any suggestions?


  • Hi! My 14 month old was very whiny at the the same time too. Between teething and learning to crawl, they just want to do so much! Also, have you checked if your baby is going through a leap? Wonder Weeks book and app is usually spot on with these things. Hope that helps! You got this!

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    Thank you so much for taking the time and responding to my post.

    I did just download that app. Was it usually spot on for you? So far it seems to be for my daughter.

    thanks again!

  • I have a 2month old and a 7 year old. My when my daughter was 6 months. She started teething it was the worst nothing we did could calm her down. Try some teething rings and some frozen ones as well. Also, remember this phrase this too shall pass. I promise you it is just a phase and it shall pass. Being a parent is not easy but there is a lot of excitement and joy out of it as well. Enjoy your little one. They grow up so fast.