Wake windows


my six month old struggles to stay awake for her age appropriate wake windows. She takes 3 sometimes 4 naps totalling 3.5hrs. Sometime the 4th nap needs to happen or her bedtime would be way to early. She can barely make 2hrs of awake time for her last wake window of the day or she becomes far to overtired. Is this normal?


  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    @JRI all of that sounds very normal to me! I have always struggled with wake windows being completely accurate (i think every baby is different). My little one is almost 6 months, and she just dropped her 4th nap - from everything I have read wake windows are more of a suggestion rather than a tried and true. I still personally look for sleepy signals but use the wake windows as a general guide. It sounds like your LO is in the midst of dropping that 4th nap - we went back and forth for about 2 weeks where some days my daughter would take the 4th nap and other times only 3.