When you start sleep training or following more stringent guidelines around wake/sleep times?

Hi all,

My daughter is 2 weeks old and I was wondering how early you started sleep training or following specific guidelines surrounding wake/sleep hours. I have read the moms on call book that provides guidance on sleep training starting at 2 weeks, but a part of me feels like I want her to have some flexibility in wanting to nap longer than 2.5 hours if she is tired, etc

I'm curious how you guys have handled it with your newborns. Thanks for your help!


  • amonfro
    amonfro Member, Super Parent

    Hi! With our first we didn’t really do sleep training until 5-6 months and that was only because our nanny helped us understand how to sleep train her during naps and boy did we pay for it, she would still wake up 1-2 times a night through being a year old and anytime she had a regression or teething.

    with our second we got her on a routine fairly early around 2-3 months and she has been a much better sleep save for some 4am -5-‘ wake-up’s when she’s teething or sick.

    I read moms on call and swore up and down I would use it but when it came time I just couldn’t stick to the schedules. You’ll figure out what works for your family but a consistent bedtime definitely helps in the long run.