Baby Proofing Nanit Plug

What are you doing for this? The nanit is in my baby's room, but all of the outlet boxes are too small for this chunky cord plug and doesn't work with a different plug in the wall! (I tried plugging the monitor USB into a different USB plug for the wall and it doesn't turn on.) All of the boxes I've found don't seem deep enough because the plug is so long and if I put on the box it bends the cord way too much! Help! What are you people doing?! I'm not interested in rerouting the entire cord out of the room.


  • I am special needs I am very small I am only 20lbs will this work on me

  • So idk if you can tell, but we put a huge piece of cardboard behind his crib to fill in the gaps so he can't mess with it. For the camera itself, my husband drilled it onto a board and then took the board and hammered it into the wall so we didn't have to put 28392929 holes into the freshly painted wall. Of course, this was before wood went up to $29191024848842229 lol the cardboard isn't the prettiest but it's the safest thing without having to put anything in the crib or worrying about him pulling anything off.