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To all the forum members. I am the father of a 17 month old who has never slept thru the night always waking and staying awake and partying (no matter how hard we try to get him back down)until 12 or later. My wife or I would sleep on a floor bed with him but that hasn’t done much for us. My wife is pregnant with our second (16weeks) and I’m reaching out for help because we are scared what 2 non sleepers may do to us.

my sons room is dark, cool (70 degrees at all times) has slept in this room since coming home with a hatch sound machine. He has no problem taking naps and can get himself to sleep

dinner at 615 bath and bed by 730 religiously. his schedule is 830 wake up (he doesn’t want to get up)915am breakfast play and learning time takes a 2 hour nap has lunch around 2. Play learn and park

he has had this wake period since birth and we have tried 2 naps, shifting times, different mattress, different sounds and nothing works

please help with suggestions as I want my wife who has had terrible sickness with this pregnancy to feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel

thanks in advance



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    Hi there!! Our little one has done this a few times and my husband tends to read (a few books) to him to get him to go back to sleep. “Goodnight Moon” is one of his favorites… we then try to explain to him that it’s nighttime and it’s time to say goodnight. So after reading the last book of the night we start saying goodnight to his stuff animals, toy cars, the lamp, etc. anything we/he can see to let him know everything is going to sleep. Much like the book, “Goodnight Moon”.

    Also, I’ve noticed when we have play dates or outdoor gym activities he becomes over simulated and has a harder time sleeping through the night with all the excitement he had earlier in the day. You would think it’s opposite, he would be clocked out from exhaustion. It just excites him more! Possibly try skipping the park a few days of the week and spend a quiet evening at home with books, blocks, or soft music.

    Lastly - the Baby Shusher has been a game changer in assisting our guy back to sleep. There’s an app and an actual machine that you can order and hang out on their crib.

    Hope any of this can possibly help. Please reach out if you have any questions.