Witching hour

why does my baby get so fussy in the evenings. Refuses to sleep and just cries


  • NanitMelanie
    NanitMelanie Nanit Team

    Hi @Poonam the witching hour(s) is soo tough! From everything I’ve read, it is essentially extra energy that babies need to expel and so it is very normal for this to happen in the evening hours before bed. For my baby who is now almost 20 weeks- the witching hour has mostly gone away, but it was around I think up until 8 ish weeks (gosh I forget now)!! While it’s so draining, it will fade as time goes on. We tested out so many different things- we found she liked to be held and walked around. So we would walk around in circles in our house- she also loved one of the skylights so we’d let her stare up at that. Honestly anything that gives you a moment of calmness works! Hang in there, I promise it’ll get better.