Almost 21 month old who used to sleep like a champ

Having trouble lately, my son used to be a champion sleeper but lately and by lately I mean the last three months, he wakes up around midnight every night and screams. We tried to let him self soothe but he’ll scream for 2 hours if we let him and, we did once or twice. He’s not hungry or needing to be changed. He naps once a day for a decent amount and has long wake windows for his age. What else should we try?


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @ppalmiotto Thsi is really tough! At this stage your toddler is pushing limits and boundaries and working out what he can get away with. Consistency is key at this stage. Id suggest picking a method and sticking to it. You can totally leave him to self-soothe if thats your choice and know that if it takes him two hours to fall back to sleep the first night it will be 60 minutes the second night and 15 minutes the third night most likely. Its about sticking with it. If you are someimes going in to him, sometimes picking him up, sometimes leaving him to cry, he doesnt know what to expect. If you are consistent about giving him the chance to get back to sleep, he will work out very quickly that he can do that! He WILL fall back to sleep, but it might take a while! Its so frustrating when you KNOW hes a good sleeper and knows how to do this! You can get him back on track with consistency. You got this!

  • Thank you. Will continue to push through. I think we will go the let him cry it out and be steadfast not to run in.

  • Ashaw
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    @ppalmiotto how is your son sleeping? Have things gotten better?

  • @Ashaw they did until he got sick.