Newborn sleeping only in my arms

jennywinkco Unconfirmed, Member

Help! I’m a new mom 🥺My 3 week old newborn will only sleep in my arms. I’m currently breastfeeding her, so she only falls asleep when I’m done feeding her. Whenever I’m done burping her and lay her down, she will wake up within a couple minutes. I’ve tried putting her in swaddles before her feeding sessions (either blanket or zipper ones) and she absolutely hates it. She will cry and fight to have her arms. I also have white noise machine playing, pat her back right before I put her into the bassinet and I place her gently feet/legs first. She still wakes up and cries until I hold her.

It’s hard because I’m a single mom with no help and I’m running on zero sleep. Most of the time at night I get really tired and desperate, I just let her fall asleep on my chest or lay her right next to me on the bed. I know it’s dangerous because it increases the risk of SIDS but I don’t know what to do. Any advice is appreciated!


  • i have a 5 week old And an advice my friend gave me was to pump and bottle feed her to see how much she’s getting. Sometimes they wake up because they didn’t get enough to eat. And it has worked for us. We’ve also put her on a schedule and she’ll stay asleep from moms on call. I also realized my baby gets a little fussy when I put her down but I give it a couple of seconds before considering picking her up because sometimes she’s just so tired and I disrupted her sleep a little by setting her down but she’ll fall asleep when I pat her on her chest or I’ll have something that has my scent on it and lay it down underneath her if I need to leave. Another thing that also has worked for us is putting her in the nursery in her own crib rather than the bassinet because it is so much more comfortable and it has kept her from waking up every hour

  • I know I’m going to get bashed for this one but so be it. What helped me was using the snuggler in her bassinet. I have the halo bassinet swivel sleeper and the snuggler was the same shape and size so it fit perfectly in there. Plus I put on the breathing band so it could monitor that for me as peace of mind. The snuggler acted as me holding her and it worked out perfectly. Good luck!! It is soooo hard at first and no one tells you that but I promise you it gets easier.