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Has anyone noticed that the Nanit sound is no longer playing when it’s open in the background on your phone and you’re using another app? Any ideas on how to fix this?



  • Varun
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    I have - and I can’t figure out why.

  • NanitMelanie
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    @jmanson2017 hello! I've submitted this to our support team to take a closer look! They will be in touch soon.

  • Penma
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    Hello - I have this issue also, was anything figured out? It used to play the sound when I was using other apps and all the sudden it stops doing it today. It was a really helpful thing to have the sounds continue

  • I have the same issue — I have to cycle between mute, audio & background audio (press the audio button 3 times) to reset it frequently when I notice the white noise sounds have stopped coming through my phone speakers.

  • I am having trouble with this as well. I have only had the Nanit for a month and it was working fine at first and now since yesterday I can't hear the nursey when the app is open in the background and I am on other apps. As soon as I minimize Nanit app I can't hear anymore.

  • Hi @Penma @elybella and @LACraig

    A few things to note that will hopefully resolve this for you: If you are using another app that requires sound (games, music, etc), Nanit's background audio won’t be audible because the active app will take precedence over any background apps. 

    Once you end the activity that has control over the device's sound, Nanit’s background audio sounds will be audible again.

    Turning Background Audio on and off

    There are two ways to enable and disable the background audio for Nanit:

    1. While viewing video through the Nanit App
    2. From the welcome screen, tap the speaker icon located next to the light icon. 
    3. From Full screen video, tap speaker icon on right side of screen. 
    4. Speaker with wave (on); speaker with x (off)Through the Nanit App Settings

    Next option:

    1. Open the Nanit App
    2. Select the Settings icon
    3. Select your baby’s camera
    4. Toggle Background Audio

    Note: Using the Background Audio feature can consume mobile data rapidly if your device isn't connected to Wi-Fi, or if your device switches to 4G while using it Wi-Fi. To prevent consuming extra mobile data, you can toggle off the "Allow cellular data" setting in Nanit's Settings.

    If you are still having issues hearing the nanit app in the background, let me know and we can troubleshoot further.

  • Hi there, my husband and I have just set up our Nanit and we are both unable to hear any sounds at all. We have turned sound icon on and off and reviewed all settings - none of this works. I am sure there is an easy answer and we are just missing something? Any advice would be great.

    thank you

  • @Cossie congratulations on setting up your Nanit! It looks like you've gone through all of the troubleshooting, so I'm not sure why the sound is not working - I've escalated this over to our support team so they can take a closer look and get this resolved ASAP. They will be in touch with you directly soon!

  • This has happened to me. Sound was working just fine the first day we set it up. Now it doesn’t work at all on anyone’s device. We’ve done all the troubleshooting listed and still no sound.

  • I have the same issue after 2 days of use. Please help fix this issue ASAP