17 month old - Ferber Sleep Training help

I did the Ferber sleep training at 6 months old. He did great. However, shortly after he started having back to back ear infections for 7 months. Got into the habit of rocking my son to sleep. Now, he is 17 months old and overall is a good sleeper. Might wake up once a night and need rocked back to sleep. I want to try and sleep train again to get him to fall asleep on his own. Tried to night. I was in the 3 minute cry and he throws up from getting so worked up! It broke my heart so I gave up and rocked him back to sleep. Help! Any advice? Do I try again tomorrow night?


  • Stacia
    Stacia Member

    I been told by our Pediatrician if you’re trying to get out of rocking your baby back to sleep just gently put your hand on his bum or his back and slightly rock him back-and-forth. Eventually you will not have to rock him with your hand anymore, you will just need to slightly touch on his back or his bum and remind him that he knows how to put himself back to sleep.